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Water Element Twig Ring


๐“†ธA handcast Sterling silver Willow Twig with the most stunning piece of Larimar. In sizes US 5-12. These rings are designed to be worn in sets. Look for the other matching elements or mix and match.!

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เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆ

The Water Elementย 

Water is Flowing, ever changing. Trust and intuition.
Feeling with every great breath all that is around you. Water is a conduit. It holds information as ancient as the primordial sea itself.
Combining Willow tree and Larimar together in this beautiful combination is a reminder to allow yourself to Be. Whether that is in your emotions, physicality, stillness in the mind or spirit, a gentle reminder to the great wisdom that is held within every cell in your body; That when you trust in YOUR innate wisdom, the emotional intelligence that will shine through will give you the strength and courage to walk your highest path.
Because you are in flow, all that is needed comes, due to the unwavering trust.

Water people are deep. Their sensitivity is magical, and to learn how to be Water gives you the knowledge of the universe.
Without water- the wisdom of the earth cannot be delivered.

เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆ

Willow - Geijera parviflora

(It was super exciting when I was able to find Geijera parviflora, the Australian native Willow, out in the valley near where I live, for the casting. These trees have always been very special to my heart, and I was so grateful to find one so close to home).

The Willow tree has a long history in myth, lore and magic, no matter what tradition or folklore you follow. The Grandmother; she teaches us the great strength that comes from being adaptable and flexible. To stay calm, centred, and balanced within when the world around you tries to bring you down. This comes from her ability to bend under massive pressure and not break. This holds great symbology to move with life, and not fight it, surrendering to the process. She holds the key to releasing deep emotional pain, letting the waters flow and be released. The trees' ability to root down and grow anew, even in some of the harshest conditions, shows us the potential for renewed life, endurance and faith that you will not only survive but also thrive if you believe in your strength.

Alone with myself,
The trees bend to caress me,
The shade hugs my heart.
โ€“ Candy Polgar

เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆ


From air and water combined, birthed through volcanic fire, and made physical in the Earth's sacred embrace. The Stone of service, she allows a harmonious blending of Emotions (Water) and Mind (Air), cooling all of the fiery areas into a soothing peace and calm. Larimar activates a fearless ability to flow through life. Calling you to service, a powerful reminder that we all have the gift of healing, though its path is infinitely different for each person.

"I am the teacher's teacher, igniting the playing field of life with the infinite pathways of joy and expression; each unique and all-important. Step into me, the unlimited nature of your creativity, growth, and knowledge will shine from you, with heart and mind at peace and calm in the ocean of unity."

The Liquid Crystal Oracleย 

เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆ

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