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''The rustic perfection of nature; what a beautiful Creator. I was searching for a ring that was originally natural & raw and I was so excited when I found the artistry of Botanical Jewellery on Instagram. I spotted a ring with a band that‘s actually molded from a real eucalyptus tree twig (!) LOVE the ring so much. I have ordered
again since... so many beautiful high quality pieces.
I’ve messaged Jess privately (annoyingly numerous times lol ) with my questions and every time was treated so kindly with promptness and patience. I could not believe how far she went to help; literally the day I ordered, videoed a row of the particular crystal I wanted (Herkimer Diamond) she had in stock against a ruler so I could choose which size and shape! Love your work and your beautiful nature.
Thanks so much''
~ Amanda Hewson
''I joined the Botanical Stone Village a couple of years ago and in that time I have built up quite a Botanical Stone collection and also gifted some of the collection to family and friends. Every piece attracts the attention it so rightfully deserves.
I love all my sparkly pieces of joy and all being of exquisite workmanship. The customer service level is of the highest standard, right down to the little personal touches that make every interaction a pleasant experience. Looking forward to many years of supporting such a beautiful little business because hey you can never have to much sparkle in your life xx''
~ Jacqueline Holmes
''Omgoodness for anyone thinking of buying a Sage cuff, they are super solid and good quality and really comfortable. I wear mine in the shower, swimming, sleeping etc... it's toddler proof too haha. Also stacks of room on the inside to have a special msg engraved for someone special''
-Liz Grant
I stumbled upon Jess's glorious creative bliss in a time when I  was finding myself, the wisdom in it not being selfish to do so, the knowledge that the growth takes place when we allow our vision to flow from within. 
I wear your art with such pride, love & appreciation. Each piece already steeped in stories of their own, which I love to believe, one day, will bless my children. After purchasing my 3rd gorgeous ring, I am in awe of the craft, the energy and the beauty encased within each glorious piece. One of a kind pieces that ooze creative genius and soul for days! Thank you infinitely for sharing your divine gifts. I am so very blessed to have the opportunity to create my very own soul stories with their presence.''
- Cherie Oberngruber
''My first piece of jewellery from Jess was an engagement ring - my partner selected a solid black opal for the stone and Jess cast a bottlebrush leaf as its band. Jess weaved her heart, mind and soul into this eternal lovegift. It started my love affair with her jewellery and I now have earrings to match! I have so much pride for you honouring each stone, setting, person and lifestory in their own special way. It is a truly authentic experience from inspiration to creation!''
- Alana Homewood
''I adore so many pieces. They are beautifully made, quality pieces that just make you feel the love put into their making. So much thought and intentions put into the gorgeous designs. Absolutely worth having pieces like this in your life.''
- Laura Schuls

''I have numerous amazing pieces from Botanical Stone. All of the pieces are made perfectly, with excellent quality stones and unique settings. Every piece I buy and wear gives me such peace and joy and I get so many compliments on the individually of each piece. The customer service is friendly, efficient and reliable. Packaging is sustainable and delivery is speedy. I can't recommend them highly enough. They are my favourite online store and my go- to for buying memorable, affordable and lasting jewellery.
With love...''
- Bridgette Man

''I felt the pure authenticity, I just knew everything was created with love & intention plus the stunning uniqueness of Botanical Stones pieces drew me in. I’m completely in love with the pieces I have purchased & I will absolutely be buying more. Much love''
- Simone Tobin

''I have been a customer of Coyote Stone newly named Botanical Stone for over 3 years now. It was L♡VE at first sight!!! I easily fell in love with the uniqueness and quality of the designs yet more importantly what the owner Jess and her ethos was all about..
I purchased my first pair of earrings and within days of placing the order my special parcel was waiting all wrapped up in environmentally friendly packaging amongst other things (yet I won’t spoil any surprises).
Jess was so helpful, I had a hard time deciding what crystal to choose from and sent me information about both pieces.
Botanical Stone uses Jess’s knowledge of nature and crystals to provide a top quality product…
Oh, and you know how it was
L♡VE AT FIRST SIGHT… It didn’t take me long to order two gorgeous and highly original necklaces (again with symbolic detailing in Botanical Stones original way)…
Lastly my opal earnings that have not left my ears since the day I received them in their gorgeous packaging….
Jess’s work is so extremely unique and environmentally friendly and ever evolving. You will never get such a beautiful finely detailed piece made with love and magic all in one… Her service doesn’t end once you have your lifetime piece, Jess offers tips on cleaning and storage and maintaining your unique statement..
I am yet to purchase something from her new range although I am excited to see how Botanical Stone has evolved and I’m sure I will have a new edition to my collection soon…
Thank You Jess!''
- Renée Munro

''I am so so so impressed with my beautiful rings from Botanical Stone, as a long term gold lover it’s so hard to find rings that you can wear everyday and not tarnish and I finally found them!! I get compliments whenever I wear them, the beautiful eucalyptus designs are so unique I’ve never owned rings this special 🤍 Such a wonderful business with impeccable customer service xx''
- Liv Humphreys

''My love of nature, plants, and turquoise is what initially drew me to the jewellery from Botanical Stone. Over the years, I have collected several pieces and each is unique, gorgeous, and brings me so much joy. Whenever I want to wear something that reminds me of the natural world, I wear my coyote stone jewellery such as the callisteman or sage ring or pendant. Each item is so beautiful and exquisitely made and I know I will continue to come back for more.''
- Maria Yee

''I absolutely love the workmanship of my Aria Seed clear quartz necklace. Every tome I wear it someone always comments on how beautiful she is. It truly is my most loved clear quartz pieces. It arrived so quickly and beautifully wrapped.''
- Tracey Rhodes
"Not only do I love the designs of Jess's jewellery... but I LOVE the materials she uses to make them. I have sensitive skin and the jewellery has never tarnished and sits beautifully on my skin. Plus the way the colours of the stones pop on my skin is pure magic!"
- Tamara Lazic

"I started my love of these amazing unique creations with 1 ring, I now have a few pairs of earings 3 rings 3 necklaces and a long list of what's to come next, oh and a stunning dress recommendation! Can't wait for my next purchase. Thank you for always answering all my questions and sending extra pictures. "
-- Kirsten Cox Beckett

"I have found my new obsession! I have a passion for nature's treasures. And with the blend of stones and flora in a stunning piece of jewellery it's clear Coyote Stone shares that same passion.
Truly magical, unique and beautiful jewellery."
- Leonie Breen
"I bought my first necklace from Botanical Stone about 5 or 6 years ago and from that moment I fell in love. Over the years my collection has become greater and there is not a day that goes by that her stones are not placed upon my fingers. I just cherish the beautiful meaning that go with each collection. The pieces are not only beautiful but they are embedded with Jess's mystical wisdom. This brand is truly one of my favourites."
- Amanda Bennett
"Your jewels are exactly what I've been looking for, weaving plants and gems into beautiful heirlooms"
- Alexis Amgoorie
"Just received my beautiful necklace , I love the hidden sage on the back it’s beautiful, and wearing it will always put me close to you , I still wear your beautiful rings , and get so many compliments, thank you"
- Di Harpin
"I got this beauty, among other pieces in my collection now. Your jewellery comes with the most beautiful knowledge shared with the customers and deep respect for nature. The quality and the aesthetics of each piece are exquisite."
-Suzana Klarin 

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