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Crystal Vessel Necklaces


Aren't these the cutest lil handcrafted crystal vessels?! They come in two styles, a Labradorite one that is crystal with a silver two sided chain connection and a different style - Citrine and Amethyst with a golden brass lid. The perfect crystal container to hold your favourite perfume, or essential oil, whatever your heart feels guided to.

They all come with a 60cm sterling silver chain (I don't have and Vermeil gold ones available for this style as we've gone to solid gold) each one is unique in its shape and colours, all are stunning. Are approx 3cm tall.

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One of the most Magical stones you could wear would have to be Labradorite. Keeper to the realms of divine power, creation & freewill.ย 

Labradorite's shimmery iridescence has magical properties within. She is the stone of freewill, teaching us to be accountable for our manifestations. She helps us to direct our focus... to clear our mind and heart so we can feel into what we wish to create. When you're feeling scattered, easily affected/influenced by other people's energy fields and not in a good way, this is the stone to seek.

"Enter my light & accept my truths and blessings... for in the darkness of my physical form I hide the endless lights of the Universe. I am an infinite resource of all that was, is and can ever be. Let us reopen the doors of understanding so that you may see again that the power of change rests in your hands. Go forth and light the torch of freewill and creation.''

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With her simple purpose of 'Abundance,' Citrine activates Self confidence to face life and choose what is desired. Comforting warming creative energizing and life-giving. Citrine reduces congestion at the second Chakra. The presence of the gold ray allows one to create in alignment with spirit even through the lower centers of the body. Holds the ability to cleanse all the chakras. Anchors the intuition into the body. Allows us to view our use of spiritual power in any life event or situation. When we believe in ourselves we know we can create that which we choose, and we remember that abundance in all areas is our birthright.ย 

"Come close child let me warm you with my golden glow breathing life into all that you are. I without judgment will aid in the creation of the path to your abundance as man and spirit. I blend the creative avenues of spirit through the lowest densest parts of matter. Money Health Love or Time what ever your currency of Joy in the moment I can aid you in its acquisition. Take my hand on a journey of minds blending from the most physical to the Divine and beyond we will arrive where we began in creation with you."

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ย If Amethyst comes into your world, your spirit is asking for a pathway of creation in your physical life. When the mind directs life without true guidence of spirit, an illusionary self can be created, limiting the true nature of your being. It inspires one's higher self to become more involved in the day-to-day material world. Amethyst helps one to reconnect and ground in their spirit, uniting the two. When the mind is inspired, negativity and emotional baggage can be cleared away, it strengthens your auric field, and empowers your soul.ย 

"Breathe deep now and enter the centre of your being, let your world roam free from the mortal focuses that carry attachment. Let go of physicality, trust and allow the Universe to be your guide to all that you are."

- The Liquid Crystal Oracleย 

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Crystal Vessel Necklace Labradorite

Beautiful little bottle
Very pleased

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