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Air Element Twig Ring

 𓆸A rustic, sterling silver hand cast Eucalyptus twig set with a beautiful piece of Turquoise. These can be worn on their own, or in a stacker set with our  leaf and stone rings. Check out our other elemental pieces. In sizes US 5-12.

Air Element

Air is intellect, universal cosmos, language, breath and thought. It carries the other elements into the dance of creation and carries primordial sound so that we speak we create. Air brings about the winds of change: New beginnings. It facilitates the cycles of life.

Air element people are brilliant, philosophical wisdom seekers and have a never ending desire to learn. They are gifted teachers and communicators when their mind and heart align. Too much in their head can create lots of ideas with too many pathways for c creation. This can overwhelm their nervous system and can make them ungrounded or scattered. 
Grounding, meditation and physical movement can help bring them back into their body once more.

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Through healing and protection, the eucalyptus tree works quickly to clear a pathway to wellbeing. Known to be clearing on the respiratory system and how we breathe, key words here are clearing, cleansing negative cycles, working when someone is stagnant, scattered or life seems fragmented. 
Work with this tree embodies an activation in the heart and throat chakras, bringing unison to deliver balance and wisdom. Old repeating cycles fall away to new pathways and new wisdom organises thoughts and feelings to bring about realizations.
Its planetary ruler is the moon corresponds to the air element.

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Stone of the spirit of the earth, allows you to gently reconnect down, grounding your energy. She is a master healer, able to offer the true cause of dis-ease then  the pathway to cure with clear expression on and between all levels of self, spiritual to physical. Did you know that the more bluer the stone, the more it opens to spirit, while the presence of green opens one up to the goddess and the nature of earth. It is from this that Turquoise gets it's simple purpose with the human race 'The spirit of the Earth.' 

Helps you to communicate your truth in a grounded and calm way. 

"I am a river, blue with the ray of communication; lie quiet and in blessing of Ra look into the endless sky. Feel me open you to the purity, clarity and art of truthful voice, listen well as the Grandmother speaks her song and let it dance in your every cell."

- The Liquid Crystal Oracle 

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Lorraine Roberts

Beautiful stones & customer service is exceptional - thank you for going above & beyond.

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