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Temple Necklace


Oh. My. Goodness. This necklace is something else.. with it's stunning unique piece of Rutilated Quartz, and three molded and Cast Aya leaves this necklace is amplified wisdom and will aiding a deeper connection to your higher wisdom and self. 

Hand crafted in sterling silver,  with a 45cm chain this piece sits high up just under the collar bone on your higher heart. Has a 5cm extender. 

Banisteriopsis caapi (Ayahuasca)

Commonly known as Ayahuasca, is considered in Amazonian mythology the Mother of all plant medicines, and the Grandmother. 

It is the plant you communicate with to learn the wisdom of all plants. This is why it holds such a special place in the shamanic realms, and why I wanted to work with it for the spirit element.  

The indigenous tribes of Peruvian Amazon believed that Ayahuasca was a plant from which humanity emerged. Peruvian shamans call the plant spirit within the vine ‘Abuela Ayahuasca,’ or Grandmother Ayahuasca. 

There is a profound history and lore that surrounds Ayahuasca. She is used as a wise teacher and healer, with many communing with her in higher altered states, returning changed with a deeper appreciation and connection to the greater world.

I wanted to share this plant because it is a powerful nootropic plant that works in the realm of spirit. I believe that all plants can be sat with in quiet contemplation, meditation and ceremony without the need to consume or burn them, though that’s okay too if you’re called. 

I think we have this belief that only certain plants can open you up, or give insights to the higher realms, but your mint growing on the window sill holds just as much insight and wisdom as the know sacred plants. Different plants growing under different elemental, planetary conditioning will share their wisdom in very different ways. Some more subtle than others. 

*I am very lucky to know of an Ayahuasca plant that grows locally, so am able to sit in meditation with her when ever I feel guided. I asked her permission before removing her leaf and asked if I was able to make castings before doing so. 


A master healer and the great grandmother of the mineral kingdom; she is a record keeper of wisdom from the ages. Helping to bring clarity, Quartz magnifies energies, and depending on the geometric structure within, can be attuned to different frequencies. Quartz offers alignment at the mental and emotional levels resulting in a profound clarity and self-acceptance that leads to action, growth, and healing. She is an amplification stone that magnifies your inner light; realigning you to your thoughts and feelings so you may take action and create a world that you truly deserve and desire. She increases our ability for telepathy, psychic abilities, and spiritual communication. She is one of the oldest crystals on earth.

"I am the white dove of infinite light, through time's immortal embrace, I serve all that ask. On this day, I have come to live within you, make a space in your heart and together we will amplify your light, letting your radiance live in every cell."


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