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Spirit Element Necklace


ย ๐“†ธA handcast Sterling silver Sage Twig in the shape of a Circle. Circles are one of the most ancient symbols. They represent Oneness,ย  Universal Energy, Spirit/ God or Eternity. They can be looked at as a vessel to hold information, and the continuation of cycles as there is no beginning or end. Sterling silver chain, worn high on the chest, has a 5cm extender on it as well.ย 

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Spirit Element

Spirit or Aether is the interconnectedness of all things. It is the breath of life, the space between spaces, the bridge between worlds. It is Chi or Prana; the divine wisdom and communication that happens within cells.
Without it we cease to exist.
For this element, the combination of 2 plants was chosen to work alongside Herkimer Diamond: The twig of sage and the leaf from Aya.

Together they bridge the higher realm of spirit to physicality, while Herkimer enables a powerful, highly spiritual connection and the ability to remove outer influences so that clear thought can be brought through.
The blending of thoughts and emotions to create one mind while giving you clarity with deeper insight and understanding, bringing your awareness to the higher aspects of Self, gifting you back down into your physical body.

เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆ

White sage - Salvia Apiana

The White Sage embodies some of the highest wisdom of the plant kingdom. It holds the essence of purity, embodied wisdom, and the practical application of spirituality. This sacred path assists with integrating the spiritual and physical worlds, dissolving the boundary between the mundane day to day world, and our spiritual life.

White Sage helps to bring knowledge from the mind down into the heart, where it is embodied and transmuted into wisdom. It is the plant representation of turquoise, whose simple purpose is the spirit of the earth, which gives you more of an idea of the magic this plant brings into our hearts.This is an amazing plant to work with in times of meditation, contemplation and ceremony.

Its planetary ruler is Mercury, corresponding to the air element or aether depending on whether you're looking at the 4th element or 5th element philosophy.ย 

เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆ



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