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Ariah Fern Locket


 𓆸This pendant is beautiful beyond words. A large stunning piece of quartz, surrounded by a beautiful and simple hammered sterling silver design with a cast fern leaf that's been moulded from local variety of fern, Cyathea australis, grown in South East Queensland,  Australia.

The best part- is this pendant has a lil secret, IT COMES WITH A HIDDEN COMPARTMENT! to keep your most precious things. This pendant comes with a 60cm sterling silver chain. Each crystal is unique and will have varying inclusions, rainbows and shape to it adding to its beauty.

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To me, will always be markers of sacred spaces; an indication of the presence of mystery. They are sacred enough that it almost seems sacrilegious to think of picking them or using them for anything without very specific guidance. A plant that surpasses dinosaurs; Ferns have been around for millennia. A good reminder that magical herbalism isn’t always about use. The deepest magic of plants is often the gift of their presence, one you can enjoy without taking anything away from them; connected to the Earth Element. 

According to the Ancient Hawaiians, the Fern has a preserved biosphere; encompassing the surrounding area of the plant, extending less than an inch from its body. This biosphere is unlike anything on this planet, and cannot be explained by any scientific or biological terminology. It can be loosely described as a completely separate world from our reality, where its atmosphere is alien. It was believed that the spores were the main contributor to this force field, feeding and sustaining its metaphysical state. Because of this, Fern spores are the most ancient, pure, and unfiltered structure on this planet and who carries the uncontaminated codes of the primordial, the source of all intelligence, of Source (God) itself (

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 A master healer and the great grandmother of the mineral kingdom, she is a record keeper of wisdom from the ages. Helping to bring clarity, quartz magnifies energies, and depending on the geometric structure within it can be attuned to different frequencies. Quartz offers alignment at the mental and emotional resulting in a profound clarity and self acceptance that leads to action  growth and healing. She is is amplification stone, by magnifying your inner light she is realigning you to your thoughts and feelings so you may take action and create a world you truly deserve and desire. She increases our ability for telepathy, psychic abilities and spiritual communication. One of the oldest crystals on earth.

"I am the white dove of infinite light, through times immortal embrace, I serve all that ask. On this day, I have come to live within you, make a space in your heart and together we will amplify your light, letting your radiance live in every cell."

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Customer Reviews

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Daisy E
Fern locket

So incredibly in love with my Fern Locket. The quality is amazing, your customer service is on point! Thrilled with my locket and can't wait to buy more off you. Thankyou SO much

Debra O’Connell

Thank you so much Jess I am blessed and grateful ✨
my clear crystal and your amazing metal work are truly a gift from nature, I have had comments on it and shared your platform, the locket holds an affirmation thats now close to my heart, kind regards Debra

Quartz Ariah Fern Locket

I love this locket. It is extremely well made and beautiful. Very solid and large statement piece with a great energy. Nice bonus the sterling silver chain but have switched to a stronger chain as seems a bit delicate for this pendant weight. Lovely chain though that I will still use with lighter pendants. Highly recommend and will be back again. Thank you.

Jessica Mccabe

Beautiful pendant. Soooo well made. Can't wait to wear!

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