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Golden Native Willow Twig Ring

Golden Native Willow Twig Ring - Botanical Stone
Golden Native Willow Twig Ring - Botanical Stone
Golden Native Willow Twig Ring - Botanical Stone
Golden Native Willow Twig Ring - Botanical Stone
Golden Native Willow Twig Ring - Botanical Stone
Golden Native Willow Twig Ring - Botanical Stone

๐“†ธย More than anything, we love creating intentional pieces. Symbology woven into your Stories of life... moments shared to be passed down through generations. You have asked and we have answered, a small selection of your favourite styles are now available in Soid 9ct Gold.

The perfect compliment to your stacked ring sets! Made from a hand cast Water Willow twig, it adds a sweet rustic touch, mix and match with our other element stone and leaf rings to find the best collection for you. Choose from straight and shaped to fit around your favourite twig stone ring.
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These are Made For You.

We are so excited to be collaborating with our favourite local goldsmith Chloe (from Faefolk jewellery) on the Sunshine coast to create our pieces! She will be working with us on all of our Gold Bridal and talisman jewels.

Please allow 3-5weeks for your piece to be made.

Gold Care

To clean your solid gold jewellery, soak for a few moments in a solution of warm water and a drop of detergent. Gently scrub with a soft-bristled or baby-sized toothbrush, to dislodge any dirt. Pat dry with a cotton or microfibre cloth as tissue or paper towel will scratch the metal.ย Some lotions,ย Chlorine water, soaps and your bodyโ€™s natural oils canย affect the lustre of your golden piece.ย It is recommended to removeย jewelsย when swimming in pools etc..
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Willow - Geijera parviflora

(It was super exciting when I was able to find Geijera parviflora, the Australian native Willow, out in the valley near where I live, for the casting. These trees have always been very special to my heart, and I was so grateful to find one so close to home).

The Willow tree has a long history in myth, lore and magic, no matter what tradition or folklore you follow. The Grandmother; she teaches us the great strength that comes from being adaptable and flexible. To stay calm, centred, and balanced within when the world around you tries to bring you down. This comes from her ability to bend under massive pressure and not break. This holds great symbology to move with life, and not fight it, surrendering to the process. She holds the key to releasing deep emotional pain, letting the waters flow and be released. The trees' ability to root down and grow anew, even in some of the harshest conditions, shows us the potential for renewed life, endurance and faith that you will not only survive but also thrive if you believe in your strength.

Alone with myself,
The trees bend to caress me,
The shade hugs my heart.
โ€“ Candy Polgar

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