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Celestial SUN Necklace


𓆸You can buy the silver set for $79! Buy your Sun, and get your moon for free. No need to do anything, discount will apply automatically at checkout.

Find the moon pendant here

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Hand crafted in Sterling Silver, choose your individual sun and moon astrological signs from your birth chart. Don't know your moon sign? Go to and pop in your time, date and location and you can bring your chart up instantly for free. 

These are the only pendants like this around!  
Included is a 45cm chain and a beautiful card with a write up of each individual sign and the corresponding plant that goes with it. *To learn more on your astrological sign read this blog post

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Did you know that each flower, tree and herb grows under the influence of the different planetary energies? A plant will have a ruling planetary and elemental force that governs how the plant grows, where it grows best, how it affects the body/ mind/ emotions or spirit and what area of the body it can be used for. Understanding your birth chart and what planets rule your being can give you a greater insight as to what plants can be worked with to maintain health.

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Astro Herbalism

Bringing together the celestial and terrestrial worlds, I wanted to share some of this wisdom, and with these very special pendants I have done lots of research (and am still very much at the tip of this multi- faceted learning), and found plants that correspond to each of the solar and Luna astrological signs, matching the planet and elements and area of the body that it facilitates healing to the astrological sign it governs.
These pendants are very close to my heart. I've been learning astro hearbalism for a little while now and its opened my eyes up to look at the world in a completely different light. My mind is consistantly being blown by this and over and over again, the correspondences are amazing.
The research I have done for these cards have been learnt from many places including Matthew Wood, Sajah Popham, Justin Moiheka Asar, Judith Hill and countless hours of study with different books over the years..

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