Boulder Opal Magi sage Locket | Botanical Stone
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Boulder Opal Magi sage Locket

Boulder Opal Magi sage Locket - Botanical Stone
Boulder Opal Magi sage Locket - Botanical Stone
Boulder Opal Magi sage Locket - Botanical Stone
Boulder Opal Magi sage Locket - Botanical Stone
Boulder Opal Magi sage Locket - Botanical Stone
Boulder Opal Magi sage Locket - Botanical Stone

ย ๐“†ธThis locket pendant is beautiful beyond words. A large stunning piece of Chrysocolla malachite, on the back, aย beautiful and simple hammered sterling silver design with a cast fern leaf that's been moulded from local variety of tree fern Cyathea australis, grown in South East Queensland,ย  Australia.

The best part- is this pendant has a lil secret,ย IT COMES WITH A HIDDEN COMPARTMENT!ย to keep your most precious things. This pendant comes with a 60cm sterling silver chain. This is a sample design, with its little locking mechanism.ย 

เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆ

White Sage - salvia apianaย 

The White Sage embodies some of the highest wisdom of the plant kingdom. It holds the essence of purity, embodied wisdom, and the practical application of spirituality. .This sacred path assists with integrating the spiritual and physical worlds, dissolving the boundary between the mundane day to day world, and our spiritual life.

White Sage helps to bring knowledge from the mind down into the heart, where it is embodied and transmuted into wisdom.ย It is the plant representation of turquoise, whose simple purpose is the spirit of the earth, which gives you more of an idea of the magic this plant brings into our hearts.ย This is an amazing plant to work with in times of meditation, contemplation and ceremony.ย 

Its planetary ruler is Mercury, corresponding to the air element or aether depending on whether you're looking at the 4th element or 5th element philosophy.ย ย 


Opal has a simple purpose: 'Emotional Magnification'. Up to 21% water, these mystical stones capture the dancing rays of light within its watery realm. Shining on the emotions that we sometimes hide in, or hide from, clearing away illusion so we can be completely truthful where our feelings are concerned. Deeply healing and personal, Opal heals emotions on a powerful level while teaching us to express our feelings with action and to respect the emotions of others to find mastery and balance. The Opals we use are Australian, connecting to the grounded energies within this land.

"Like the light of a thousand suns, I will shine and magnify you; making you aware of the role of emotion in the creative avenues of manifestation and judgment. Be aware as I enter you, I know no limit and seek to place you on your individual path of realisation by magnifying your emotional space. In your choice to begin our work, it is nearly over as realisation is the key."

-The Liquid Crystal Oracleย 

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