Aya Ariah Pendant | Botanical Stone
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Aya Ariah Pendant

Aya Ariah Pendant - Botanical Stone
Aya Ariah Pendant - Botanical Stone
Aya Ariah Pendant - Botanical Stone
Aya Ariah Pendant - Botanical Stone
Aya Ariah Pendant - Botanical Stone
Aya Ariah Pendant - Botanical Stone

Preorder!!! You keep selling us out! Arriving mid may

๐“†ธThis pendant is beautiful beyond words. A large stunning piece of double terminated quartz, surrounded by a beautiful and simple hammered sterling silver design with a cast fern leaf that's been moulded from local variety of fern, Cyanthea australis, grown in South East Queensland, Australia. This pendant comes with a 60cm sterling silver chain. Each crystal is unique and will have varying inclusions, rainbows and shape to it adding to its beauty.ย 

เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆย 

Banisteriopsis caapiย 

Commonly known as Ayahuasca) is considered in Amazonian mythology the Mother of all plant medicines, and the Grandmother.ย 

It is the plant you communicate with to learn the wisdom of all plants. This is why it holds such a special place in the shamanic realms, and why I wanted to work with it for the spirit element.ย ย 

The indigenous tribes of Peruvian Amazon believed that Ayahuasca was a plant from which humanity emerged. Peruvian shamans call the plant spirit within the vineย โ€˜Abuela Ayahuasca,โ€™ or Grandmother Ayahuasca.ย 

There is a profound history and lore that surrounds Ayahuasca. She is used as a wise teacher and healer, with many communing with her in higher altered states, returning changed with a deeper appreciation and connection to the greater world.

I wanted to share this plant because it is a powerful nootropic plant that works in the realm of spirit.


เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆย 


ย A master healer and the great grandmother of the mineral kingdom, she is a record keeper of wisdom from the ages. Helping to bring clarity, quartz magnifies energies, and depending on the geometric structure within it can be attuned to different frequencies. Quartz offers alignment at the mental and emotional resulting in a profound clarity and self acceptance that leads to action growth and healing. She is is amplification stone, by magnifying your inner light she is realigning you to your thoughts and feelings so you may take action and create a world you truly deserve and desire. She increases our ability for telepathy, psychic abilities and spiritual communication. One of the oldest crystals on earth.

I am the white dove of infinite light, through times immortal embrace, I serve all that ask. On this day, I have come to live within you, make a space in your heart and together we will amplify your light, letting your radiance live in every cell.

เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆ

Black Tourmaline

The most protective stone available to us here on earth and has a shielding effect on negative dense or heavy energies. The shielding effect of this stone occurs by way of the massive quantity of light within it that same light allows Black Tourmaline to protect us even from our own negative outputs by awareness. Gives a sense of safety and security as it shines light on and into the darkest places. Activates the base chakra anchoring spirit there. Balances the inner and outer perceptions of the world.

Is brilliant in protecting against electromagnetic radiation, and the stress and anxiety that comes from it. Can protect the spirit from lower energies.

"Seek me out but do not judge me outward I am as the darkest night but within I am a bright shinning light. I carry this quality to you allowing inner security and protection. It matters not the outer surface by my teaching the gathering of trust in the self will empower you to a space of self love that will then flow into all you create. In my hands you are like a child in the womb secure and protected by your own trust in and wisdom of your light."

-The Liquid Crystal Oracleย 

เฟˆ ๐“‹บ เฟˆ

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