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It's funny- there can be a moment in your life that can completely change the trajectory of your path. 


Something as small as a random comment in a conversation, and boom, a seed is planted in your heart which begins a brand new journey. 


That lovers- happened to me. 


I was having a heartfelt conversation with one of my favourite humans, talking about my dreams with Coyote Stone, and it got me thinking about how it started to where I am now. 


The beginning started with a brokenhearted, newly single mamma trying to find her way after ending a very long marriage. A bit lost, a bit confused, struggling to work and have time with the kids, this business was born from a need to find another way- to channel my creativity and find myself again. 


As I grew and evolved so did this humble little brand. My style changed. I fully immersed myself into the plant world and that became my driving force behind what was being created. 


Botanical Stone has become something I'm so deeply proud of.  

Names hold frequency, and as much as I have loved this name, there are elements of sadness there that are hard to let go of. While Coyote Stone fit perfectly with my rustic chunky turquoise pieces, it doesn't really dance well with a collection full of Australian natives. 


So... over many cups of tea, new names were pondered on. I wanted to choose  something that really embodied what my dreams were and where I wanted to take this brand. With plants now being the central focus in all of the designing, I really wanted to incorporate that into it somehow and there was one name I kept coming back to…




With a big open heart, I am so excited to share that we are now called Botanical Stone. 


I finally feel like that I have found my creative niche, and more than anything I adore creating Botanical inspired jewels for you all. Combining my love of learning alchemical herbalism, plants, and Mystic teachings- this feels like a dream come true! ✨


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