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Ariah fern Cuff


 𓆸This cuff is a statement piece like no other! Handcrafted with two molded and cast fern leaves, Cyathea australis, native to South East Queensland, Australia and paired beautifully with your choice of stone. We currently have for you to choose- Green Jasper, Druzy Chrysocolla or Malachite Chrysocolla. 

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To me, will always be markers of sacred spaces; an indication of the presence of mystery. They are sacred enough that it almost seems sacrilegious to think of picking them or using them for anything without very specific guidance. A plant that surpasses dinosaurs; Ferns have been around for millennia. A good reminder that magical herbalism isn’t always about use. The deepest magic of plants is often the gift of their presence, one you can enjoy without taking anything away from them; connected to the Earth Element. 

According to the Ancient Hawaiians, the Fern has a preserved biosphere; encompassing the surrounding area of the plant, extending less than an inch from its body. This biosphere is unlike anything on this planet, and cannot be explained by any scientific or biological terminology. It can be loosely described as a completely separate world from our reality, where its atmosphere is alien. It was believed that the spores were the main contributor to this force field, feeding and sustaining its metaphysical state. Because of this, Fern spores are the most ancient, pure, and unfiltered structure on this planet and who carries the uncontaminated codes of the primordial, the source of all intelligence, of Source (God) itself (

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Chrysocolla malachite

This stone is a powerhouse of epic proportions. 
If you separated the stone qualities,  malachite is a clearing stone- clears away old patterns, programs, and pain in the bodies.
She makes us aware of our pathways of healing or growth, then powerfully delivers awareness as to that which blocks us. Malachite can find the seed of an illness or disharmony and then bring it to the surface for healing. Clears away self limitations, and attachments to the past. Stone of courage.

Chrysocolla holds the most feminine frequency there is. She teaches you mastery of the feminine path of power, embodied wisdom, compassion and stillness. Whenever she comes into your life, it's to help bring awareness to your feminine side and pathways of growth. It may be possible that you have developed a dependence on the masculine methods of living and is time to step back into your self, trust amd feel that which really resides in you - all change and healing starts from within.

So I feel when the two are together, they clear away the old archetype wounding/ ancestral pain, trauma and patterns, bringing peace in your heart so you can embody your highest wisdoms with a renewed strength and courage.

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